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The Cost of a Credit Card Processing

So many credit card processors, or merchant processors out there claim to have the best rates on the market. Let me shed light on the subject. All credit card processors pay the same amount of money per transaction for Visa, Master Card, Amex and Discover. It’s like a dealer a car from General Motors to buy. All lots to pay for the car the exact same MSRP for the car dealer who is ready, a good portion of their commission or markup drops, the dealers, more sales, because their advertisements make lower prices. Not that the cars for less they believe it to be sold on the level of price gouging. The same holds true for the merchant processing industry. All credit card companies pay the same amount of money to process transactions for merchants. “Merchant-being, that you the customer, the front of the shop or lacation possesses.”

The cost of the exchange is called. Interchange is the particular burden, etc. Visa and MasterCard. Costs for this particular transaction. The merchant processing company turns around and adds costs, which resulted in a small profit per transaction to wear. members more money processing companies merchant fees in qualified “month after month to pay regular credit card, mid qualified” credit cards with debit option and the most regular cards, etc. from the “not qualified CADS cards, flyer miles cards, payroll cards . PIN and debit card debit cards when entering your PIN verification at the yurt sales. “Maps called to start around 1.75%, with qualifed middle cards start at 2.75% and unskilled Tickets start at around 3.5%. Flow entering the PIN code is usually around. 35 cents per transaction plus 1%.

This is not the half of it …. How to enter the PIN transactions, all transactions Wed qualifed style, “no, etc..” Transaction costs have to pull the cards as well. Startup costs at.25 cent by drag. You can see how the dealer “you” can begin to get a fair share of base and transaction fees. But there’s more to wait. There is a long list of charges to these costs. The annual fee for the “usually $ 150, monthly minimum sales fees $ 25-75 monthly fees” declaration “$ 10-15″ per month. There are also maintenance costs, re-programming fees, late fees, etc.. To offset the negative sentiment can be calculated ridiculous fees, merchant processing companies offer so-called “free terminals” or credit card machines.

The problem is that nothing in life is free. If you dig deeper, you find that any company that offers a free press has obscured the level of license fees or compensate for high and medium rates of unskilled workers, free of charge for the machine. They are usually free of charge between 2.5% – 4.5% on average and non-recoverable costs, but they do not reveal that these charges by the law, they do not have. The person then pays for the computer of each month on a technical aspect, but believes the machine was provided free of charge. If the dealer wishes to cancel his contract, so they are exactly the situation. Most processors have all a cancellation fee of about $ 450 So if this is paid, the merchant must give the unit back, even though they technically have more than paid the face value of the machine. The processor then moves to the next unsuspecting victim’s trade. The best way to get the most for your money, buy a newer machine, or actually rent one. Only lease with a company if they offer free upgrades, replacement and lifetime warranty. The reason for this is the best because of a lease can be 100% written off on your taxes and buying a new machine, which is fully compatible, is extremely expensive.

“The complaint: a machine that accepts smart cards and readers on a micro-chip cards for the future emerge in the coming months in the area.” You do not want the associated three machine that is right on the counter and only one working day, or dealer, the other has put a plastic bag over the scanner card in the machine, to read the tape properly, or the same as the record Wal-Mart is down because the credit card terminal is not working properly. Always lease if the conditions are right.

There are some credit card companies are offering the best prices. However, very little real interchange fees. A company really comes to mind in relation to a variety of merchants and offers, in fact, “search” exchange rate, with no hidden fees. I use and trust them and have never lost or had hidden fees on my account.

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