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The Price of Cash Counters

Supermarkets, banks and other jobs that are faced daily in cash at the beginning, the currency in which they handle. With precision and speed are the two most important benefits of a cash counters, it is not surprising that many people have to deal with the manual recount, instead of closing these machines.

One thing you should always remember is that prices of several money-cons who cling to their characteristics and their producers. Some manufacturers offer manual counters, while other machines. You can also use a meter, coins or cash handled separately or go to a machine that combines the functions of both. Note, however, to buy the machines you actually use, otherwise it would be like laundering money through the window.

When it comes to count the notes, the number of bills per minute counted. If the number of notes you have is low, $ 60 innings against fairly easy. Portable devices cost a bit more because they come with the advantage of mobility, therefore, reliable mobile counters $ 100. With the addition of a sorting machine that can exceed the price of a $ 200 against the market because of the complexity of that system. Another reason for the large box, the addition of built-in mechanism to detect forgeries. Regular UV detection mechanisms to increase the price of the machine, put their costs at $ 1,000 maximum, but the price has more than any other machine.

As for the management of currencies, currency cash drawer cons can easily go as cheap as $ 17 per piece. Count the tubes are the same, even with maintenance, but not enough for hard use. Like reference counting equipment, the price of these machines are handled according to the number of parts. Sorter can be cheap wedge, which is more than 300 parts per minute to manage $ 60. However, if it is harder to pick you up, come with some drawbacks grade electrical parts and mechanisms for the detection of forged documents for about $ 900.

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