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Recruiting job descriptions

1. Functions of the recruitment

Depending on business field, functions of employment department in a company or in a recruitment service can include ones as follows:

  • Administration and operation of the Department of Employment, recruitment customer care goals, criteria and requirements of society for employment.
  • Implementation of recruitment plan and communication via the media, universities, schools and colleges, job fairs and other recruitment sources to ensure that REACH is the number of recruitment companies per month.
  • File· Implementation control of recruitment, interviews, organization of personnel selection, supervision and evaluation of the quality of the personnel department.
  • Construct and develop relationships with universities, schools and colleges, job fairs and other recruitment sources to ensure the ability to meet the number of employees who are hired by large companies.
  • Coordination and arrange interviews with heads of department and lead the first interviews for positions at all levels; Interview ensure that all forms of candidates and employers and recruitment procedures followed met.
  • Maintain close contacts with the Ministry on the progress of research and report on problems of recruitment.
  • The recruitment activities conducted in accordance with the Employment Plan and company procedures / policies with this company to ensure positions are filled on time.

2. Positions recruitment service

Depending on the quality and the quality of the above functions, the Employment Department positions may include the following:


Assistant Manager











3. How to create jobs

To create the example above job description, you should:
Step One: Identify the functions of the department.
Step two tasks: Set up processes and procedures, details of each function.
Third step: Assign each task for each element.
Step four programs: description Type a description of jobs / for each position.
Final Step: To compare one by one and send it to the Board before approval.

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