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Right Ways to Buy Share

There are many ways to buy share. Opening a securities account, securities purchased, or contact the investment manager. But before you buy share, learn first about things related to the share. If not try to play the share, may be better to buy mutual funds first.
When you are mature and confident that your investment is on the track of buying and selling shares, then buy shares directly and you can dare yourself.

1.      High Risk, High Return

The nature of investment is high risk and high return. More you buy; more benefits will   be obtained on the higher and of course it possible loss of funds invested. Not rely solely         on your feelings, but all movements are made should be based on an analysis that     applied.

2.      Calculation

There are other costs to consider before buying shares. First, the brokerage commission that is usually 0.3% and 10% VAT. It is big enough, right? So if you only have 5 million cash, deposited it seemed better. But if it believes can, it would not be a problem of money that had bought 5 million shares. You have to calculate as a learning investment fund. Who knew the money would be 5 million to 5 billion. If you want to sell also no longer cuts. Commission brokers are typically 0.4%, VAT 10% plus the 0.1% income tax. Then about a loss, do not be sold first. Be patient until share prices slightly higher.

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