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Do You Interrupt the Conversations?

Many of us have experienced the following scenario: You work hard to get an appointment with someone. Often finding a date when you are both available can be a big task for sure. You finally came up with a date and time that works for both of you. You agree to meet at a local coffee shop.

At the designated time, you both arrive. You get a cup of coffee and settle down to start your conversation. Just about five minutes into a conversation, someone stops by “hello” to your companion. Introductions are made, and the person who stopped by your table says, “Frank, glad to  catch you, I have been meaning to share this with you.” Then he went on to talk about his latest project on saving the river in North County. At first you think, this is a quick update, and then the person drones on and on. You can tell your colleague that it is uncomfortable. Not just does your colleague not care about the project, he is not very aware the time you were to share is being eaten up quickly. All people will feel uncomfortable in this situation except for people sharing his work on the project.

How can you approach someone, if he is having a cup of coffee with someone else?

Go up to the table and said, “Hi, Frank, I’d like to talk to you some time, here is my business card, would you give me a call then?”. Normally, by this approach, you will be greeted with a smile, and “Of course I will be happy.”
Then here is something you should remember:

* Show up before the appointment time to get a coffee, so you are ready to begin the conversation immediately.
* If you see someone you know, and you want to talk to him too, then give him your business card. Or offer to call him or ask him to call you.
* Make sure you follow up on a short meeting, that is how you build trust.

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