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” Four Square ” Statement

Here is a quick and easy way to develop a strategic plan for each document. And although there is not much to write really, this will help you, your attention and a better response to your message.

Take a sheet of paper and divide it into four equal parts by a horizontal line in the yard and a vertical line down the page.

Starting in the upper left corner, write down the idea of germs. It took only a few words to explain and the basic idea. No costly and have no scope outside of the place, the force is a series of soon. For example, “Try invoice customers sometime mid-month and at the end of the month, not only at the end of the month.”

Move to the upper right corner, succinctly describes “what” and “why” of  ideas. What would you gain by pursuing this idea? For example: “Can you increase cash flow and reduced our credit line costs by 5%.”

Well, to go to the bottom right corner and take notes on ‘the’ and ‘How’ is involved in the implementation of the idea. For example, sales staff provide billing info from the 10th and 25th of each month, Department of invoices and billing process with pressure 15th and 30th.

Finally, explain in the lower left corner, how do you know if the idea works. What you are measured or monitored to see if you get the benefits you’ve identified in the upper right corner. For example: Review of the cost ratio of loans and lines of credit every month. ”

You now have a one-page summary of your idea, and although not a detailed plan, you should be helped to think about communicating the idea, and even its essence to others.

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