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Cake Boss

One of the best food shows on TV is found on TLC, which is rather surprising to many people. The show ‘Cake Boss’ is a phenomenon for the way it allows viewers to take a peek into the happenings of an Italian bakery in New York City. I always watch this show on my Direct tv when I am feeling the need to watch some beautiful cakes being decorated by a traditional Italian family!

The top chef of the program is Buddy Valastro. He is depicted as carrying on his father’s legacy in the program. Buddy’s father is the one who started up the family bakery. However, the father passed away years ago and now Buddy carries on the family tradition. It is heart warming to see the way Buddy takes charge in the kitchen, with the support of those around him.

Hearing Buddy’s great Italian accent is one of my favorite parts of the show, in addition to watching the process of beautiful cakes being made. One of my favorite episodes featured Buddy Valastro creating a high-end fashion cake. The cake included a shoe design and even a purse that mirrored a Chanel purse. ‘Cake Boss’ is a great program to watch, if you want a more documentary view of the kitchen. The show is pure drama, and it is great drama I might add!

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