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The Guide of Business Analysis

In the other side of business guide, there is a business guide which consists of the guide of the business analysis body of knowledge. In the other word, that is the guide which has the collection of business analysis knowledge, reflecting current best practices, giving a framework that explains the areas of knowledge clearly, with the interesting and associated activities, tasks, and skills required. So those, the businessmen can use this guide, because this guide actually has many advantages for them. The businessmen can use this guide to analyze the knowledge of business, so that the businessmen are able to know the business well. And they do know the basic or the fundamental things which can be used to establish the business. Beside it, with the knowledge of business, the businessmen can prepare the best ways to solve or to overcome the obstacles. Besides the knowledge of business, the guide also will give a framework that consists of an explanation about the areas of the business knowledge that the businessmen got. In this case, with this framework, the businessmen can know the planning of the steps in doing the business.

The businessmen are also given with an interesting thing and associated activities, and also tasks and skills that the businessmen need. The interesting thing and associated activities can make the businessmen feel interest with the business, especially the beginners. If the interesting thing and associated activities can interest the businessmen, the businessmen will try to go deeper in doing the business. Meanwhile, the tasks are given to the businessmen to establish their skills, which the skills can make the businessmen better than before. It is also to make the businessmen ready to face, fight, and also overcome the obstacles and the challenges. And finally, the businessmen can be the successful person in the business field.

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