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Core Investment Banking Activities


In the bank, we can treat just like a king, because we are as a customer there. We have special treatment if we are in or follow in the cycle of money managing. Bank will give special term if you are giving more money to be inside the cycle of the bank, because it is the main commodity of bank. In investment banking we also have certain level to be a special investors, we would be given special if our money nominal more than a billion. Investment banking is the traditional aspect of the investment banks which also involves helping customers raise funds in the capital markets and giving advice on mergers and acquisitions. Investment banking may involve subscribing investors to a security issuance, coordinating with bidders, or negotiating with a merger target.

After that, that was called as Sales and trading, it is the cycle of the investment banking activities. On behalf of the bank and its clients, the primary function of a large investment bank is buying and selling products. In market making, traders will buy and sell financial products with the goal of making an incremental amount of money on each trade. Sales is the term for the investment banks sales force, whose primary job is to call on institutional and high-net-worth investors to suggest trading ideas (on caveat emptor basis) and take orders. Structuring has been a relatively recent activity as derivatives have come into play, with highly technical and numerate employees working on creating complex structured products which typically offer much greater margins and returns than underlying cash securities. Strategists advise external as well as internal clients on the strategies that can be adopted in various markets. And the last is about research. Research is the division which reviews companies and writes reports about their prospects, often with “buy” or “sell” ratings. Those are cores of investment banking activities.

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