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Plastic bag as a promotion media for retailer

Choose the right plastic bags ? Sounds almost like a non-event, but in reality all you in your business affects your bottom line.

Your store, flea market or craft, has a picture and part of it can be improved by the end of the sale with the plastic bag on the right. The bag can be as simple as a color that no other retailer with unique or simple type.  Potential customers can connect your company with other people by using your “gift” as a free advertising.

Plastic bags can also be used as a reminder to customers to your store. Shops are often cautious buyers, answer their color shop. Pool stores and gift shops carry goods from the beaches of blue bags or bags of T-shirt. A company can carry bags of goods in pink for women. Black is for a costume shop, a tattoo shop, lingerie shop or appropriate. The natural and healthy food stores carry recycled paper bags or recycled paper bags. When the client receives a color, they are constantly reminded of your bag company.

Of course, you can buy to find the case law for the right price should include the commercial spirit. Therefore, the custom printed bags are generally money losers. For small prints, the price of these bags should be valued very high and, like any advertising costs. It all boils down to return on investment (ROI). Unique shopping bag in white is cheaper because you give the customer a bag does not need anyway, why make it one that puts you or your business with a color.

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