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Make fast money by sending out a press release

Could you have a large amount of money in your bank account quickly and easily?

A press release is one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal, but you must make sure that certain things have to get there.

As we have $ 3,457 in a weekend and more over time

A few years ago, my husband started a mailing list for free on a niche that was not used at all in Denmark, where we were through.

After a year we have decided to change the concept. We apply this niche in a school, and we ask for monthly payments.

Because this concept was completely unknown in Denmark at this time (also known elsewhere), we wrote a press release informing the public in this niche had come to Denmark.

Several newspapers and magazines used, and we even managed to get on-line reporting.

People flocked to our sales page, and we have signed hundreds of subscriptions. Some of them have been free in our list, but others paid for our e-learning have in school.

Later we sold books in this niche, both the free list and leave, and converted many of the participants in the list for free later in paying students.

Focus on something new

First, when writing a press release, you must put yourself in the place of the reader. What the reader wants to know?

Most people are curious to learn something new. So, if there is something new about your product, you can use this angle, and we hope that the media is interested to write about them.

Three hundred words

Do not write one of these long and boring press releases that seem to spill from the Web.

Add more than three hundred words. You can say a lot with only 300 words.

Make printing press

In most cases, if you use a media release, they will ask to write one of their journalists, perhaps even have to contact you first to ask more questions.

But get to a certain interest, is your first, you must write it so that theoretically, it is ready to print.

The aim of the most interesting first. Do not write “I”, but to make a short “interview” of himself in the press release. One can even go so far as to subtitles.

Send your press release to the relevant medias

Do not make the mistake, you send your press releases about your new and amazing e-book on how to stop your dog barking at a cat magazine. Select the appropriate media for your press release.

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