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Unveiling RBS Plan to Cut Jobs

The Royal Bank of Scotland or known as RBS will go and cut for about 2,000 jobs in its investment. This was announced just after the shocking departure of the chief executive. The details of the job cuts were still under a discussion and whether they will really cut 2,000 jobs or maybe lesser than that is still unknown at the moment. This decision of cutting jobs however will certainly reduce the headcount in each division of the bank almost reaching 20%. Along in the line with it, there are the risk-weighted assets that are held by the bank.

For the time being, RBS employs for over 11,000 employees in its operational market and investment and with the plan of job cuts, the company will be ready to work with only about 9,000 employees left. The job cuts itself will be done not only in the City but will also be done in RBS branches throughout the world including in Asia and the other international operational points. The job cuts are actually a proof how RBS is still in the process of finding its best shape after the news of being left by their chief executive. It is still trying to recover the health of its investment.

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