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Attracting Investors to Your Business

When you want to start your new business, you should ensure that you have sufficient funds to secure the operational of your business at least for three years term. At least you need to provide 50% of the initial budget to run business on your own. When the fund is not sufficient, here is what you can do.

First, you can join with your friend to be a group of investors. It is easier to start form friends, especially those who shares similar views and preference toward particular sphere of business that you can do. If you have joined with your friend and still need additional capital, you can start to write business plan and invite more investors to invest in your business. The business plan should be attractive yet straight to the point toward the type of business as well as the profit projection in 3 to 10 years time.

Where to go to look for investment? You can go to the investment company or capital company to do presentation of your business plan. You are also able to go to business expo, especially when your business is included as Small and Medium Enterprises. There are many and gradual expos held for the SMEs business, and there are many investors who want to invest, because such sector is proven to be immune toward hard time economy.

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