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Making a Blog Network and Promoting Affiliate Products

It is very important for you to choose the right programs. There are just thousands and thousands of products out there that choosing may be a bit difficult. You may be considering using Contextual Affiliate Products, these affiliate programs include companies include Adsense. When you choose to use contextual affiliate programs you want to make sure that the products you choose are perfect for your site. Being a blog, it could have a few different categories, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to choose products. Keep in mind when choosing these ads is to stay on topic, if you have a blog about cars then don’t out an affiliate program for cats on there. You won’t make any money.

Ask yourself why people are coming to your blog, seek out the strengths and weaknesses of the blog and choose programs according to the strengths. Try to figure out what the intention is of the people who are coming to your blog. Do they come to read and post or do they just browse and leave. Choose products that are fun and interesting. If they are boring, no one is going to buy anything. Make sure the programs are practical. If you have a blog on pets, they use affiliate programs on pet toys or pet food, pet owners always are in need of food and toys.

Placement of the affiliate programs is very important. If your blog gets more readers in a certain area then place the ads there. Place them where the bloggers are going to see them. Try to keep the affiliate programs visible to all readers. This may have to be done by trail and error. If you see that the programs are not working in some places but are working well in others then you may have to do some rearranging. If you see that ads are not doing so well, then it may be time to change them. You are not committed to keep the same products, if something isn’t working then change it around. It can only help you in the end.

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