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Children's School Holidays

At the school holidays, many parents are confused to choose a vacation spot for children. Many choose to vacation outside the city or even abroad to enjoy the beauty of nature, though with no small cost. But how if we just own a little budget for this holiday, though our children need a vacation to relieve boredom after studying in school.

Actually, the holiday did not have to be expensive, we can choose a holiday in the city at a lower cost but has an education elements. For example, we can visit museums, zoos, or flower gardens or other tourist places of fun. By visiting the museum we can learn about the history of the past. From the zoo we can see and observe the animals that are really cute. Or in the flower garden we can see the beautifully arranged flowers in the large garden, and maybe we can play and have fun because usually this garden provides a large yard for a picnic with family.

With have a vacation in the city, we can save money without compromising our children’s joy in the holiday. Choose a place that has an element of educational tourism, cheap and still be able to make children happy.

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