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Additional Income for Children Boarding

Education is important thing in human life. While still young, pursue science till the skies as a basis for your future. There is even a proverb “Pursuing knowledge untill to China”. It was to describe how science is something that must be searched to anywhere. So many parents send their children away from their homes to get the best education.

For students who are forced to live away from parents, often face financial constraints especially if parents delayed sending the money to pay for living cost in big cities. It may happen because the parents were also not a rich man who can provide flexibility to the children to spend their entire savings for living expenses each month. Therefore, as a child boarding we had to find some ways that our parents are not burdened with our cost of tuition, while we can satisfy all our living expenses while studying in another city.

If we have enough time, we can try to register as tentor in various educational institutions spread across major cities. Or even be able to open tutoring lessons for junior high school students. Thus we can study in peace without always thinking about money transfers from parents who are often late.

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