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The Financial Problem in Europe and America

Many people have already known that the big countries which have many effects to the world economic are in the big problem. Both of those countries have the financial problem. It is very dangerous because they will bring bad effect to many countries that have cooperated with them. The economic problem that they faced now is the biggest problem.

The problem is happen in all aspect so that it will be more difficult for them to solve the problem. They have to have big effort to overcome the problem. The economic activity in both countries that is stuck brings more problems to them. There is no activity so that it will make them in the worst situation. The investors for those countries also have reduced. It is caused, the visitor starts don’t belief to those country so that they look for the other country that is safer.

The countries that have an investment in those countries have to be careful. They have to predict the result of the investment. It is very important because if there is no economic activity, they will not get a profit from their investment. It will make they get financial loss. So, if you still want to have investment there, you have to make good management.

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