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Why You Should Consider LED Lighting for Your Events

In recent years, LED lighting has become an important element for event planners and the production companies throughout the country and beyond. The use of LED lights can really transform a space and produce a dynamic new atmosphere for an event. The flexibility and “plug and play” quality of this new generation of light has really changed the way private and corporate events are illuminated and allows even the most novice event planners to assemble unforgettable functions. Here are some powerful reasons that everyone in the event production business should consider to keep up with the time and investing in the latest LED technology:

Energy consumpting: LED lamps are extremely energy efficient and consumes only a fraction of the power consumed by the conventional bulbs. This is not only save the electricity costs, but also allows a production company or a DJ to power more lights on a single circuit without worrying about overloading.

Color Range: In the past, the production and lighting rental house must stock large quantities of gel or purchase expensive color scroller to produce multi-colored light. LED lights have the ability to actually produce millions of bright colors by pressing a button or slide a fader. When the subtle tones are required, they can create soft pastels by mixing in the light from white LEDs and also has the ability to give brilliant, saturated blue and red for a bolder  effects. LED lighting works very well as a branding and marketing tool for corporate events when a certain tone is requested to match a corporation’s primary colors.

Heat: When many people are packed in a small space, whether in a banquet room or under a  tent, the temperature tends to increase considerably. The last thing you want is a group of incandescent lamps heating up the space even more, making everyone uncomfortable and force the air conditioner to work harder and increase the energy costs. In contrast, the LED lamps produce a little heat, creating a cooler and more pleasant environment.

Reduce waste: Not only do PAR cans burn through sheets upon sheets of the colored gel filters, the lamp itself has a limited lifespan and continually need to be replaced. On the other hand, LED lights last at least 50,000 hours which is as much as 62-times the lifespan of a standard halogen PAR lamps.

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