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Some Reasons Why People Leave Their Offshore Oil Rigs Job

Are you considering to work on an offshore oil rig? There are at least three things you should think about before choose this career. Too often people jump into a career before they really thought about the future realities of their job. So before you take the leap into an oil rig, you might want to consider these realities.

Now we will look at some of the main reasons why people leave their offshore oil rig job. If you want to learn more about this profession, then check out the source of information in the bio-box below.

Extended Stay From Home – One of the reasons why people leave their oil fields is because it is difficult to be away from home for so long. Most people live in a community where they can interact with family and friends on a daily basis. However, it is not true in the offshore oil rigs. And unless you had a similar working experience, it is difficult to imagine the challenge. So, you perhaps want to give some thought about your needs for regular conatct with your family and friends.

Confinement – In many ways, an oil rig is like a very small town in the middle of the sea. You have all the facilities amenities to sustain life, such as shelter, clothing and food.

However, your mobility will be very limited. And unless you are on a travelling work crew, those who move from one platform to another, you’ll stay in one place during your working period. Some people compare this to be locked in cages. A word to the wise is to consider your ability to deal with this limitation.

Long working hours – another challenge for many are the longer working hours. Some people have gotten accustomed to an eight-hour work day. But on an offshore rig, you can anticipate your regular work day to be a twelve hours. This is a standard in the industry. And there will be times you can pull a double. So if you are not fit for long hours, you perhaps want to rethink this one.

This article is not about to discourage you to stay away from this career path. What it is doing is trying to help you avoid a big frustration. For the right people, working on an oil rig is a great opportunity. It can afford you a different lifestyle that others covet. If this is the right way for you, then you can check out the oil rig career opportunities.

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