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The Principles of Well-Designed Advertising Banners

When designing an advertising banner you can expect a finished product that can continue to  convey a professional image, even after frequent usage. But for best results there are a few principles to remember when considering the layout of the design. Although many people overlook this simple design principle, you will find that they make the overall process much easier.

The position of main advertising banner design

Whether you choose to craft your message by using wording, pictures or a combination of the two, the size and position of the banner’s central design is very important. In fact, it’s a good chance that the banner design representatives can recommend that you arrange your design to fit within an area that falls within 2.54 cm from the edge of the banner. Some designers refer to this portion as a “safety area” because it ensures that your banner elements are clearly visible and will not be crowded.

Also, if you want your banner to be displayed on the pole, you must ensure that your potential banner design is not interfere the room, which be utilised by pole pockets or grommets. If you are unsure about whether your current advertising banner idea is feasible, ask your salesperson for some assistance.

Evaluate your needs

After determining the size of the banner’s message, it is time to think about the actual content within the banner text. Decide whether you want to use the banner for a single event, or for many. This helps you figure out what will be included in your banner text, and what can be left out. In most cases it is advisable to include the most important information on the banner itself, but give your audience a way to get more information about that. A good example would be encouraging people to call the telephone number or visit the website that are served to provide more information about the services or products mentioned on the banner.

Your audience will respond best to the information that is clearly stated, with an emphasis on brevity. You can use some design enhancements to help draw attention to your banner, but in many cases, the viewers will not take more than a few second to glean the content of your ads banner. Therefore, it is important to use words in a way thatcan send an efficient message that can be readily interpretend by the target audience.

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