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Entrepreneurship is Needed For Graduaters

In the present, the graduates should think of creating jobs for themselves and if possible also for people around them. Sometimes, students think that if they’ve got good grades it will be easy to get a prestigious job. Indeed some of them will get a high paying job, transportation allowances, meal allowances, health insurance, soft loans, housing allowances, and others.

But some of them are probably only going to get a job that is less promising. Therefore, why not just thinking to create jobs? You can start it from the potentials that exists in your neighborhood, or from your hobbies. Anything what you do in earnest would have got a satisfactory result. If your business grow and progress, you can help others by providing them jobs.

By becoming an owner of a company then all of your business can take advantage of all, unlike if you work in the company of others. There indeed you will get a fixed income every month, but tasks that you need to do is also very heavy. Being a business owner, there are also positive and negative. Positive because you can take all of the profits, but the negatives is you should take all of risks may occur in the business.

It all depends on your determination and goodwill. Just choose what you want to be an owner or an employee.

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