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Work-worthy recipes

I’ve been saving up money recently to buy a house, which means that I’ve been packing my lunch for work almost every single day.

At first, I went the route of school moms and stocked up on sandwich bread and sliced deli meat. Even with rotating sandwich fillers, it got old all too fast. So I started a search for inexpensive recipes of quick meals that I could eat at lunch. I’m not that great of a cook and I only wanted recipes that could be used as leftovers for the work day or prepared the night before work. This would be easier on me and make sure that I didn’t unnecessarily lose any sleep over my meal preparation. Thanks to wildblue internet pricing, I searched on satellite internet service in Phelan CA and found a suggestion to eat steamed veggies and steamed rice with soy sauce as a side. This was pretty easy, but the veggies weren’t as crunchy as I had hoped.

I also made a chicken salad recipe that I found with celery and grapes. It was pretty good and I think I’ll have to put that one into rotation.

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