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Take Parts of Green Portfolio Program with Ken Mehlman

The era of globalization has changed the way the people apply the lifestyle, culture, and habit. This condition sometimes brings bad influence for the environment as result. One of the popular is related to global warming issue. As we know that this phenomenon is happened since the people is ignored with the environment condition in future. It is showed from some disasters happen lately such flood, storm, high temperature of sun and rain, earthquake, twister, and more. To deal with the problem an early prevention is needed to consider to measure that the condition is not going to be worst.

The issue of pollution which causes by fabric waste or car pollution is some of main factor that make global warming happens. Lately, a Senior Member of KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & CO), Ken Mehlman is introduced the company plan to reduce environmental impacts such waste, paper, chemical use, and energy/water consumption from their four new companies. The four companies are located in some part of the world like Atlanta, Georgia; Armonk, New York, Seoul, Korea; and Nanterre, France. Since 2008, the program of Green Returns is cooperating with Environmental Defense Fund to measure that company’s baseline and monitor program is worked under this new establishment. The Green Portfolio Program is hoped to bring global effort for the planet while keep its work hand in hand between business and environmental performance. Like all has known that for such big companies like KKR, the issue of profit is still considered. Here, Ken Mehlman is positioned as responsible person to handle the global external affairs activities of the firm. It is such a prestigious position where he has full charge to corporate marketing, communication, regulatory affairs & public policy, and engagement with the firm and portfolio companies on regular basis.

The prestigious position of Ken Mehlman in the company is not making him forget to run another activity of daily life as lawyer, republican activist, and law/lobby firm partner of top company. It is show how high his determination toward the world.

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