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Hosting Plan for Ecommerce

As internet is developing, virtual business is also growing. The convenience of the internet as a market has given people so much benefit in establishing their own business. People don’t need to provide much money for the capital as they don’t need to rent place as the office. People can concentrate on providing their products instead of thinking about the renting fee.

On the internet, there is web hosting provider to give people space to display their products virtually. The web host provides the plan for each of its client. Usually, there are three types of them. The first one will be shared hosting which is limited in space but affordable in price. The second will be dedicated server which is very expensive but unlimited in space and service. This dedicated server is the most suitable for businessmen who want to seriously build their ecommerce. The last will be VPS or virtual private server which stays in the middle of shared hosting and dedicated server. This VPS is often replaced with reseller hosting which provides different IP address for each of the websites.

As the one to manage the account of the web host, there is control panel which consists of modules and administrative interface to control the website. Please visit to learn more about hosting plan for online business!

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