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The Power Of Voice

A well-modulated voice is pleasant to hear when you are on the phone. Your voice is the only thing that a seller knows about you. Opportunities are when they call you they know nothing about you so this like a first impression they have of you, so it is pertinent that you give them a great one. In Tax Delinquent Investing, the initial contact is your gateway to a profitable deal. I’m not saying that you should sound like a DJ or a telemarketer. What I’m telling you is to speak clearly and do not sound like you eat your words. Enunciate. You should sound consistently, self-confident, professional and calm. Sound like you are knowing and educated, especially when it comes to the property you are talking about and the processes that you are offering. I think this is the universal when you have a call from someone who sounds panicky, rushing or recorded as they are offering something, you begin to doubt the people in the back of your head. You will realize that it is just waste of time. You can also hang-up the call or remain on the line and prolong your agony. Certainly it is not pleasant. It is the same for the property owner call you in the tax delinquent investment business.

When you call sellers with a tax delinquent property, you should try to calm down yourself and be ready. Automatically focus only on the caller. It’s just you and them for the moment. Pay attention to the mood they convey when they answer your call. Gauge how they feel and match your tone to that feeling. When you can be in harmony with your caller’s voice then it also makes you siund more confident. Put some life in your voice. Smile while you are  talking. It really helps ! Never shout or butt in when they are still in the middle of a sentence. Wait until it’s your queue to speak, it means you’re really listening. Let them finish wahat they want to say. But for you to make sure you are maximizing the phone call always try to direct the conversation back to the essence of the call. Refer back to their tax delinquent property somehow but in due timing. Do not rush them or make them feel hurried back to business.

I know you want to get a deal soon, but let them air out some feelings, in the end it will tell you how they want to be dealt with. As a result, you will gain their trust and  WIN the deal. For example, they call you instead of you calling them, take your time for they made the effort in getting a hold of you. They saved you the time and effort to chase after them. In fact, as soon as you get them to phone you, they are practically handling you the deal, you are halfway through a closed deal. Never sound desperate to close the deal or tpp anxious to settle the call. Be cool and relaxed, but not too cold that your sound like not interested. The perfect mix of calm, cool and confidence is a definite sure hitter. Confidence will balance off the discomfort they feel in dealing with a stranger. Remember when they call you that means they are really close to a decision, take advantage of it by gearing it toward where you want to be. This is to WIN your Tax Delinquent Investment.

It is amazing what the power of your voice, intonation, pitch, the manner of speach, can exude. It is who you are and defines the type of person you are over the phone. Knowing how to speak allows the sellers to feel comfortable with you and trust your credibility. When you master these technique you establish a solid and professional relationship with the seller. These are important in closing a good deal. Your calm, confident and reliable voice might be the stamp the seal the deal in your Tax Delinquent Investment.

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