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Some Myths That Ruin Meeting

This myth has wasted billions of dollars in business costs, salary.

Myth No. 1) structure spoil spontaneity.

I once in a two-day catastrophe that cost slightly more than $ 40,000. Thirty people spent the first hour of searching for topics to discuss, then spent the next 15 hours to argue about the problem unsolvable. When I asked the manager convened a meeting, “Where is the agenda?” the answer, “I do not want to ruin the spontaneity of imposing structure.”

Reality: If spontaneity is the universal sound business practices, we build a building without a blueprint. Of course, not a smart business leaders to work without a plan.

Fix: Set goals and then prepare an agenda. Ideally, this agenda should be clear, complete and specific that someone else can use it to get to preside over a meeting to the target.

Myth No. 2: If I can do this meeting,  I have do all talking.

Some events, like a medieval court run. Chairman, who sits on the throne, while verbal subjects sat in respectful silence. The great orator justify this with the thought, if someone else did at the hearing that something useful, they lead the session.

Reality: If you are the only conversation, is that you work hard for it. Furthermore, recognize that the most to protect people from themselves extended monologue by driving their thoughts on holiday. This means that no one remembers it: You are busy, daydreaming, dream or drawing.

Fix: a large amount of information in a memo or e-mail. Then hold a meeting on activities to test the participants or to strengthen understanding encouraged.

Myth No. 3: Meeting for free.

Most of the meetings is paid for by soft money. This means that the money was spent on salaries. In addition, there is no purchase necessary demand. No budget should be approved. All people have to do is a meeting.

Reality: Meetings are very expensive. They use people’s time and salary is the biggest part of the business. If the people met the evil, waste, they spend the most important resources in the economy – the time at work, people to earn a profit for the company.

Fix result: Design meeting to a profit. In addition, the meeting was business, no company picnic

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