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Be Honest In Doing a Business

Getting a lot of money is to be the purpose of many people now, especially business men. They try to get a big income without care about the way to get. Sometimes it looks like a pity thing, because there are no moral and values at all. Business will be very worthed if we are in line. It will be so abominate if we get money with dirty way. So, in business we have still to consider the way to get. Because we will be respected in business environment if we are in line or still considering about moral and values. is a legal term, meaning that the  nameunder which the business or operation is conducted and presented to the world is not the legal name of the legal person (or persons) who actually own it and are responsible for it. Almost two years ago, the Doing Business team showed its entrepreneurial spirits by jumping into the blogosphere with the launch of the Doing Business blog. Since then, we’ve also experimented with virtual reality by launching Doing Business in Second Life, setting up a Doing Business Facebook page, and reporting on the Doing Business roadshows via Twitter.

As we continue to experiment with new ways of communicating the key messages of Doing Business, we have decided to consolidate our efforts and combine with the World Bank Group’s Private Sector Development blog. You’ll be able to find new content from the Doing Business team under a new “Doing Business” category on the Private Sector Development. We hope to see you over there, and look forward to hearing your thoughts through the comments function!
So we can be the respected business men if we can be honest in grabing money. Try to be yourself. Do not even driven by your desire to exploiting money without care about the way to get.

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