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Why Would You Predict The Future ?

Have you ever tried to predict the future? They are generally good or bad ? Then how about the future of the industry? Can you predict the future of your business? No one can with certainty what happens next week, and even less than a year. And five years? Not a chance. Yogi Berra would say, “It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.” Everyone agrees with that. Predicting the future is difficult. It is so difficult so that the successfull prediction rate of fifty percent is only for a professional futurist. In other words, professionals make a mistake at least half the time. And yet, companies are trying to predict the future all the time. In fact, there are three basic business tools required, such statements: Forecasting future income: In primitive societies stage future earnings.

For better or for worse “estimated future sales” figures, many of us intend to regulate the business decisions. These estimates are often wrong, but consumer behavior is always based for many years to create these assumptions come. Industry scenarios: a level of revenue estimates is the prediction of scenarios where the industry is trying to guess what the competitors are expected in the future. Strategic Planning: The most sophisticated level predictions in strategic planning. The most powerful enterprises to develop annual goals and long-term plans to achieve these goals. planning for resource planning, financial planning market, sales planning, and design of all firms on how to predict the future, depend on their strategic plans.

A problem with these tools is that companies in suspense until the end of development “planned response” regarding future events, rather than their own plans. A second problem is that companies use to measure the success of this response, “plan”, as they lead to desired results. Now, here’s the catch: The estimates of future revenue, industry scenarios and strategic plans are forecasts that the most likely to fail in operation. Measuring success against incorrect predictions about how a company can do, but not enough to achieve its objectives? Why would you predict the future, if you just lose a game? Well, I have to say: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Instead of being reactive to do, estimates, forecasts and plans for the future actively in the future, adding your own.

To explain the rapid rate of change of business, the direction in which you want your business to invent their own future. Select an address and benefits began to be used in action and will be on this side. You can find exactly where he said that he wanted. But on the other hand, can not reached. On the way you move your position now completely north east and the west can now south. But something will happen, and it is likely that somewhere far away and closer to your address, as if no direction and just “had the intent to respond.” The explanations, predictions, and even the strategic plans are a way of mobilizing our attention and our efforts are far better than random action, or even worse, with only slow, it makes no sense to future. Designed fat and said that future action to everyone in your company. I’ve never been impressed and inspired by what the historian Kenneth Clark the art as a “shock at the news.”

And the invention of the future, you can change the competitive landscape changes in life and so large that it has never existed before. You see, the future is really what everything you want. When we decide what is possible, inspired by the ability to allocate our resources, time and energy to achieve specific objectives, we can implement future possibilities. Better than money can say that you are wrong when they predict the future. I mean, the right to invent their own future.

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