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Go Green with Organic

Organic Products sold in many countries still quite expensive, because most of these products were imported from other country. Some organic products are still imported, such as grains, cereals, and rice, medicines, cosmetics, and others.

Although organic products is still relatively expensive because its production is still minimal and the process is more complicated than ordinary products, but the demand for organic products increases sharply, and much higher than the food industry in general both in developed countries and developing countries.

Organic food products taking into account 2% of the total sales of all food products worldwide. World of organic food sales increased from USD 23 Billion in 2002 to USD 40 Billion in 2006 (The Global Market for Organic Food & Drink “. Organic Monitor (2006). Retrieved on 2007-11-13 (, while the growth rate of 20% per year since the early 1990s and accounted for future growth could reach 50% per year.

Obviously with such rapid growth and increasing number of citizens of the world who cares about the problem of climate change and switch to a vegan / vegetarian and concerned about environmental issues, the organic product this could certainly become a huge business opportunity in many countries.

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