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What Is The Meaning of WOW ?

Are you seeking the best of the best in your business? Not enough to be “great” or “excellent” more. A company has to “WOW” to survive and prosper. Is WOW offers excellent customer service? WOW is much more than “customer service Great!”

WOW client operation …
Showing that the practice where the basic needs of products and services, transactional needs and emotional needs of your customers, your organization can actually beat us all to achieve the goals.
…. OK so let’s break it down and really understand what it means.

I use an example in shopping. When I go to the supermarket with my milk, bread and eggs on the counter, the shopkeeper will treat me well and polite. They are trained to serve the customers with many skills, like :
Know how to use the cash register
Math skills to count the change
Know how to open “ the purse and shopping bag ”

I can achieve this behavior in any grocery store! And as a customer, they can choose where provide a better services. The customer will make a transaction if they feel comfort with the efficient operation, reliable and safe service. If they think it is not effective, not reliable or not paying attention of course they won’t make a transaction with you.  Here some behaviors that are NOT support transactional needs : 
Filling the nails
Talking on the phone with friends
Bond Order
Count the change
If these behaviors occur while the customer still standing at the cash transaction, it will not they happy!

Now, let’s review the emotional needs of our customers. Our clients feel the need respected, guided, loved and supported when they make a connection with a company. Moreover in a company that should make a good services to customer like a guided tours, one of a reason why a customer cancel a transaction is caused by these behaviors:
The staff does not make eye contact with customer
The staff does not smile
The staff does not offer a help

The most important thing to remember is the definition of WOW:
Increase the employee behavior to treat customer emotions focused on the client’s feelings and actions that affect the business positively or negatively.
To create WOW, first analyze the each personal behavior. Then, apply this WOW because these effect will meet with the customer emotional needs.

If customers feel they are efficient, reliable and secure in their business, then they will come to you, they tell their friends, and give you more to your business. If you do not do these operation may be you won’t get some prosperity, even they are rude or inconsiderate to file a complaint and inform the media and boycott your business.


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