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Just Smile Is NOT Enough

Every Customer Service Training Program that I ever attended preached the same old adage: “Put a smile in your voice, your customers can hear.” Well, in the world by phone, this is not the right direction to take. I “heard” that sounds more sarcastic smiles and irritated more than excited and enthusiastic.

But face to face interaction in the real world of customers, a smile is an important behavior is demonstrated. What are some of their other behaviors, their superiors should be looking for?

Here is a list to start …

The 10 practices that are not desirable:
1 Sigh
2 Shrugging the shoulders
3 Rolling Eyes
4 Mixed paper
5 In a conversation with other employees, if the customer is awaiting
6 Moving to an excessively slow pace of customer demand to do something 
7  Slouching in a chair
8 Continuously crossed arms
9Chewing gum
10 Performing personal hygiene like filing nails or tying back hair

Top 10 Wow behaviors that are in direct interaction-to-face with customers:
1 Smile, each time a customer goes
2 Give a greeting 2: “How I can help you?” Or “How are you today?”
3 Standing up straight
4 Keep the conversation on trade issues and not always personal
5 Keep cloth clean and to business attire 
6 Check frequently with customers during the purchase process
7 In anticipation of customer needs, providing a source of labels cut or offer store coupons for next visit
8  stay on task, if other workers would like to receive personal
9 Placing the importance on the customer you are assisting rather than placing priority to the customer who calls on the phone while you have already started to be helped 
10th Ask your customers coming back!

For results WOW for your business:
1 Make sure you communicate these practices if they are all defined so that you clearly communicate your expectations.

2 Make sure your boss to this problem and right WOW model, for example, to show everyone.

Keep 3 high-level officials congratulated the employees who demonstrate the standards and provide feedback to employees who do not meet the standards. Remember that what you and your supervisor is what level of performance tolerated. Do not tolerate anything less than WOW!

This process will help your organization to optimize your face sales, service and support functions, so you can create a client face all the time WOW experience to help you

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