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Negative publicity, what can we do about that ?

One of the major problems facing companies today in a world of instant feedback and blogs online is management of negative publicity. Where as in the past, only a handful of channels available to the reviewers , so that you can monitor and control your messaging, today anyone with an internet connection station for everything about you and your brand can do it, and their contributions to the way they look on the homepage of a major.

You can do your best to ensure positive publicity by treating each job so important with personal relationships to colleagues and always keep open up a communication, so you can discuss and solve the problems before they share with the world. Ultimately, it is likely that you make a bad publicity, and at this point, you have to deal with it. By reducing your mind and make an immediate action for damages.

Hold initial private exchanges

Assuming that the negative publicity have stuck you, of course, it is not just someone get a negative situation and someone else get an answer about it.It should be your first step to contact the person who wrote about your brand. Remember that your purpose, you try to solve the problem, but try to not too defensive. In general, this first round of the purpose should be done in private.

They want to be get your answer honestly, and you want they feel free in articulate your problems, without giving further fuel of your negative ratings. If we speak in a public forum, move like a comment thread to decide, particularly be careful and never met too defensive and if possible try to steer the conversation so they do not need repeating another of your problems. Note that any public discussion will be indexed by search engines and could aggravate your negative publicity.

Attempted Reconciliation

Once you have an idea of the facts of the case that caused by the negative publicity, you can try to resolve the problem. Often, people who post negative reviews online do it cause have a sense of frustration and the mere fact of addressing them provided enough, feel their complaints.

If you able to reach an agreement with another person so you feel good to do with the situation, the next step is to ask them if they revise their original negative, or write a follow-up consideration. After the negative publicity is upbeat, of course, always preferable, but this is not possible to explain with an immediate follow-up, the situation has been resolved can really help your brand in the long term.

If all else fails, Bury

If reconciliation is not possible, either because the person is right, you slander, or because you do not come to an understanding, seek to hide their negative comments. The use of tools brand reputation, you can push the negative publicity of the search engine results for your name or your brand. Although negative advertising still exists, but it can be influenced by the fact that most Web users do not always see, it can be reduced.

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