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Calculate this before start-up your business

Calculate your start-up costs so you know how much money you start your small business or home business and run to make it profitable. Do you have enough money to start the business of your dreams? Profit from our know-how, Business Start-Up Calculator below to find the money you need to estimate your business up and take in the first few months. 

One time start-up payment

1 Purchase price or downpayment if buying a business

2 Office furniture

3 computer hardware and software

4 installation and consulting business fee

5  decor and remodelling

6 business card and stationery

 7 starting inventory, raw material,tool, etc

8 fixture, counters, equipment and instalation

9 Deposits with public utulity

10 legal and other professional fees

11the certificate of business

12 approvals of advertising and promotion for the opening

13 signage

 14 rent deposit (often equal to 3 months rent)

15 operating cash

16 other

Outgoing monthly expenses

17  cash current monthly salary cost of owner-managers (the amount you must pay yourself)

18 All salaries, fees and taxes

19  payroll taxes or self- employee tax 

20 rental payments

21 equipment lease payment

22 advertising (press, radio and Internet)

23 Postage and Shipping cost 

24 supplies (ink, toner, labels, paper products, etc)

25  Telephone

26 Utilities

27  Internet connection

28 Web Hosting maintenance

29 general business insurance

30 general vehicle insurance

31 health insurance

32  interest and principal on loans and credit cards

33 inventory, raw materials, parts

34 legal and other professional fees 

35 franchise fees

36 Several funds

Calculate all item above. That’s the money you should have.

Then you should predict how many time to get customers and establish

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