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The Secret of Success

There are many secrets to success which have been used by those who are successful in their chosen fields or life in general. Often, the secret lies in being dilligent about your job or by being honest in your dealings with everybody. But one of the greatest secret to success that is often said but rarely used is generosity. The idea of being generous about everything that you have has been used by many of today’s super rich people whom a million dollars is just a small amount. They have put into practice the idea of giving away whatever it is that you want. But never give with your own gain in mind. You cannot give something and ask for something in return.

If you want success, help other people to become successful. A reciprocal gesture may take some time to arrive and it may come from a different person. But you will have greater opportunities as a result of helping other people be successful themselves. Giving should also not be focused on money. Some secrets to success involve giving what you can in terms of time, wisdom, attention, acknowledgment or information. Understand what the other person wants and help him get it. You should also have a positive assessment of everyone around you all the time. If you speak highly of everybody, they will speak highly of you too.

Some attribute their success to the vision of the future that they have. Most people talk of a long list of wishes but do not actually put themselves as part of those wishes. When you make a vision for yourself, you must be able to feel what it is like to be there. This will allow you to discover what is different about what you are feeling right now, in your present situation, and that of a more successful future. The difference will allow you to strive hard to attain that good feeling and therefore make you a success.

No matter how good your visions are, you will not achieve anything if you don’t do anything. The secrets to success of many people lies in the way they acted on their visions. If there is something that you need to do to fulfill your dreams, do it now. Do not wait for some other time since it will allow you to be stagnant. But be wise in the way you act. Being busy does not mean you are doing something useful. Many people want to appear busy because they have been conditioned to believe that doing something makes a person valuable, even if the act will produce nothing of consequence for them or for other people.

You are in control of your destiny. You can become successful in life, but remember the people you meet along the way and take the time to make their lives better as well. A life shared is a life that is fulfilled. Believe in yourself and you will find success and happiness!

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