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Your personal code of ethics

Each of us carries around in a personal code of ethics. You may not realize, we can not intentionally consultations on a daily basis, we can not decide against a tree there to make a decision, but it exists. And sometimes it can fail, or we can apply ethical principles in different situations.

Take a minute to identify the basic philosophy of ethics. Which one the best in the way you want to use in the world?

1. The people have no special place in the world, but only one of thousands of expressions of life. People have desires and free will and can change its nature. However, if you look against nature, which disturbs the balance of life. Therefore, we must try to balance in life.
2. Ethics is a practical science, we have to do, believe me. This philosopher thought in terms of virtue ethics that has to do with the proper functioning of a thing. Therefore, the best work of the soul, a joy in life is good to have.
3. everyone’s responsibility to help build the ideal society, and when, is an affront to the norms of a society, then you do. To some extent, the situation will dictate the right thing at the right time to do so.
4. It is not an absolute requirement to carry out their duty. How do you feel when the action is what is important, although the result may not be what I thought.

Well, the statement resonates more with you? What seems to be the way you travel in your life?

If you align the number 1, your employer is generally of Lao Tzu, a philosopher of ancient China and a key figure in Taoism.

If the number 2 rang bells, your employer usually with Aristotle, the Greek, who teaches a good life are aligned, you need to live a balanced life and avoid excesses.

If the number 3 resonance with you, your employer is generally aligned with Confucius, Chinese philosopher who emphasized personal morality and government, the correction of social relationships, justice and mercy.

If the number 4 makes the most sense for you, your employer especially with Kant, the philosopher of the 18th century Prussian aligned.

Whatever most appeals to you philosophy, are all legitimate and valuable. In fact, you can have different policies each time a particular case.

Although these approaches are recommended for life and probably also to different results. For example, consider the case of Zoe. Zoe has an assistant, Alice, who has worked the most hours of trading on their share of hours to be true, it is to deceive the company.

To apply Kant’s thinking in this situation, we would say: “When all betrayed their time sheets, no work done and get the company would pay nothing!” Since Zoe is a friend of Alice, she knows that Alicia had just left her husband and two children in the custody of children under four years. Kindergarten has been proven problematic. With this information, you may consider adopting a rule of Confucius. This philosophy you encouraged to contribute to the value of an ideal society, the building, then make sure that young children are well cared for.

See how the application of different ethical standards that guide the different steps to take?

Which approach is more logical to explore strengths and weaknesses of their preferred method. Under what circumstances is the best method to work better? Under what circumstances their unwanted approach, perhaps the negative consequences? How has applied his philosophy in the past conscious? Was that landed in a warm place? Incidentally, in a warm place may mean that you have done well, it’s just not good!

At some point in the future is an opportunity to practice applying your very consciously wanted to approach. It may be a blip in their daily lives. Think of driving in traffic, garbage in the streets, in a queue. What is learned in the exercise? Knowing this, how will you change your model in the future, anyway?

Finally, I encourage you to learn more about the thought and teachings of thinkers above. You might refine your thinking about how you want to live your life.

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