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File storage compared to digital transfer

The invoices, receipts and other documents are assembled. What to do? Management Records is the solution. There are two options for dealing with all important documents. We may keep them out of the site, or transfer them to an electronic format. Both are good ways, and each is better suited different applications. This article describes and compares two techniques for managing documents in detail and explain the benefits of each. Select the one you feel is right for you.

First, let’s examine the traditional history of paper storage. Instead of accumulating in his office, files sent to offsite storage. These facilities are secured, temperature-controlled environments where their messages are both secure and accessible. Off-site records storage is a proven technology, document management. It remains a popular choice among today’s businesses through a number of advantages. First, the paper documents are kept in their original form. This may be particularly important for official documents, which later is required for proof or evidence. Second, you can be sure that your documents are stored in a safe and controlled temperature. Since your files are stored off site, are inaccessible, fraudsters and other prying eyes. The use of off-site storage, keep in mind that you do not have direct access to the files. For this reason, it is important to find a company that provides case management fast delivery next day. Some companies even offer a better response “urgent” delivery of your documents in few hours! Above all, understand their need to access and correctly render your document management company.

However, electronic storage includes the transfer of existing paper documents into digital format. Twenty years ago this process was done manually. A person who read each document and enter information into the computer. This training was intensive and sometimes costly (even if its worth it) process. Fortunately, thanks to advances in the speed of modern technology have increased while costs have decreased considerably. Today, this process is the only way to create an optical drive with an image of each document page. Some advanced programs are able to read the resulting text of the scanner. From there you can take to how images are stored on hard disks, written in a text file or entered directly into the database of your business. Digital files do not have only a small fraction of space physics paper. With today’s electronics, we can use the information contained in a load of paper and put it on a hard disk in your hand. Digital files allow its records more accessible and more flexible. With the right combination of technology and good management of records, you have instant access to all records, wherever and whenever you want!

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