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Utilization of natural resources

Natural resources is natural potential that can be developed for production processes. Natural resources is all the natural wealth in the form of inanimate objects or living things that are in earth, and can be used to meet human needs.

The process of formation of natural resources is caused by various factors, among others:
1. Astronomically.

2. Geologically.
Distribution of Natural Resources
Biological resources consist of animal and vegetable spread on land and sea in addition to vast forests,  the plantations and farms are spread almost all over Indonesia.

The number and quality of natural resources are many and scattered in various areas that quality is very good that can be exported in various countries so that they can meet the country’s foreign exchange.

Types of natural resources exported as petroleum, natural gas and other mineral and agricultural products, horticulture, animal husbandry, fisheries, and tourism industries in addition to the results can also be exported out of the country.

Utilization of Natural Resources
Natural resources is one of the capital for development. As an authorized capital, natural resources should be utilized to its fullest, but in ways that are not destructive. Therefore, ways must be selected that can be used to maintain and develop so that authorized capital is more beneficial for future development.

Experts utilize natural resources with advanced technology. Qualified experts who will produce good quality seeds and produce a quality crop and produce a quality industry.

Technologies used and developed tools that can rapidly accelerate and simplify the productivity tools that are used Indonesian experts still less sophisticated as in developed countries but Indonesian experts can still produce a satisfactory natural resources.

Occurs caused by human error alone which causes changes in natural conditions because of the new elements or increasing number of new elements that cause various types of pollution such as:
1. Air pollution: results of industrial waste, mining waste, cigarette smoke, the smoke issuing motor vehicle because of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, which causes air pollution and hard to breathe.
2. Noise pollution can be caused by the noise of a car, train, airplane and jet.
3. Water pollution from the disposal of the remains arbitrarily industry can pollute rivers and seas.
4. Soil contamination.

Pollution can be prevented by such indiscriminate waste no factories that always discard wastes, reducing the smoky vehicles and reduce existing noise and many others.

Overcome the pollution
a. By conducting afforestation and reforestation, afforestation and reforestation to prevent environmental degradation associated with water, soil and air.
b. By making sengkedan on the sloping land to prevent erosion and maintain soil fertility which is hilly and sloping.
c. Development of a watershed is an area map on degradation and pollution because of frequent soil erosion by the river flow.
d. Waste water management
- With the settings so that the industrial location far from human habitation
- Prevent sewage must not leak
- Industries that generate waste water, are required to install pollution control equipment.
e. Control of waste disposal in the following manner:
1. burnt
2. to feed livestock
3. for biogas
4. material for fertilizer
f. By conducting the recycling of used materials and organic waste.

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